Sample Menu Only:


Warm Gluten Free Plant Based Crumpet (3 ways) 

  • With house made Berry Jam $9.50 (slowly dehydrated with chia, maple, vanilla and a flavour you won’t believe!) and coconut yoghurt. 
  • Almond Butter and Jelly (Berry Jam) $9.50
  • Sauteed Mushrooms with herbs and Yay! Foods ‘Feta’ $12.50    


Irrewarra Fruit Sourdough toasted with Nuttelex and Jam $9.50


Plant Based Toasties on Irrewarra Sourdough 

$9.95/Gluten Free add $2

  • Vegan Cheese, Pesto, Spinach
  • Vegan Cheese, Chargrilled Capsicum, Pumpkin Pesto    

Smashed Avocado with YAY! Plant Based Feta on Irrewarra Sourdough 

$13.50 /Gluten Free add $1


Smokey Baked Beans all made in-house with organic legumes, on Irrewarra Sourdough toast  

$13.50 /GF add $1



Brioche bun with house mayo, crispy lettuce, grilled 'bacon', fresh avocado and tomato $14.50


The Feast Burger  

Veef burger pattie, caramelised onion, ketchup, house mayo, dill pickle, vegan cheese served on a brioche bun. The best vegan cheese-burger in town! $14.50


Bao Buns  

2 large, soft, steamed Bao buns with spicy Jackfruit and crunchy slaw $16.50 


Brekky Roll  

Scrambled tofu with 'bacon', smokey BBQ sauce and wilted spinach on a brioche bun.  $14.50




–Veggie Packed Nourish Bowls

–Grab and Go hot meals like Tuscan Veggie Stew, Dhal, Soups, Risotto, Pasta and more!

–Toasted Foccacias

–Cakes both raw and baked 

–Check the Pie Warmer too for house baked sausage rolls and quiches and the popular YAY! pies

We can serve these with a side salad – $4.50



Check the fridge for todays Nourish Bowls, cakes and a growing range of vegan deli items, gut friendly beverages and fermented foods!