Hi, I’m Eileen Sims, co-founder of Feast Geelong. I started Raw Ambition back in 2012, teaching plant-based cooking classes and making raw vegan cakes and salads for wholesale. I studied in California with Matthew Kenney in 2014 to create some super fancy things too. Essentially, what was a passion project has become a full-time business!

 We created Feast Geelong in Feb 2018 to showcase plant-based cuisine in a very accessible format. Plant-based eating helps me feel great and perform at my best in triathlon, but it can really help anyone improve their health – not just athletic performance!

I am really fortunate to have an amazing team bringing you delicious healthy food. Everyone is very passionate about quality, not least of all my business partner Greg from East Fruit Market who provides us the freshest of fresh produce to bring you only the very best!  

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